AOR Ambassador program

AOR Ambassadors – Luke & Cathy Butter

Margate, QLD 4019

Matrix Pop Top

What is it that you love about AOR?

After many years looking at off-road vans we always went to the AOR stand at the Brisbane Show. The quality of the build, the standard inclusions and the high quality finishes were just the start. AOR back up their product with staff who are very knowledgeable and passionate about the vans as well as caring about the owners. Having the forum is a fantastic source of information both technical and inspirational!

What made you want to become an AOR Ambassador?

We are happy to promote a quality product and support an Australian company that stand behind their product.

What’s your number one travel bugbear?

Not having enough time to explore our destination or the interesting places in between.

You’ve probably been off the grid many times what is the most remote location you have visited?

Diamantina National Park after the 2018 Big Red Bash.

Where did you go on your last trip?

Millmerran Camp Oven Festival.

Which destination was a surprise to you?

Mittagong NSW – we didn’t expect to come across the wineries that we did.

When you arrive at your destination what’s the first thing you do?

Try and get the best orientation for a great view and a level site! Pop the top and quench our thirst!

What is your favourite dish you like to cook when traveling?

Roast lamb in the camp oven when we can have a fire or a nice juicy steak on the Weber!

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