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AOR owner adventures

Enjoy stories from AOR customers as they travel around Australia.

Red Dirt Australia

Mike & Amanda Burton

W|  YT|RDA YouTube Channel

The Grey Nomads

Cape Crusaders

The Freedom Gypsies

We are two people who were caught up in consumerism, only to “awake” one day and realise that time passes quickly. After being unhappy at my present company of employment I called Nell and said “let’s do it”, I took stock of our situation realised that we could fund our lifestyle off a rental income and perhaps some odd jobs travelling this great country of ours called Australia.

Graham and Chris travel blog

Graham and Chris decided that it was time to stop putting it off and finally get stuck in to the dream trip after warming up with a couple of smaller adventures over the last couple of years.

As they say, “The journey is the destination”.
Have a read through their fantastic updates and find some inspiration to launch your own adventure!

Read Graham and Chris’s travel blogs on their website (external website)

MrHunterjagter – YOUTUBE channel

Watch Steven & Heather Hunter’s You Tube videos and they travel around Australia in an AOR Quantum.

MrHunterjagter – YOUTUBE channel (external website)

Big lap of Australia

Read the following BLOG from Kobus and Lorraine Malan from Sweden, who are doing the “Big Lap of Australia” Quantum, having started in February 2012:

“After finally taking delivery of a properly-chained and inspected off-road camper/trailer, we headed for Fremantle Village where we will live in the Quantum (and Land Cruiser) for the next three weeks, preparing for our Big Lap. We battled about 45 minutes to get the unique hitch unlocked from the Land Cruiser but eventually found what we were doing it wrong. Apart from the hiccups with getting the Quantum inspected and unhitched we finally got it set up and were very impressed with the quality, attention to design detail and how easy it is to set it up. Every little space is fully utilised and designed in such a way to ensure ease of operation and functionality”.

Read all their posts on their blog (external website)

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