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AOR Recycled water system


We have produced a water recycle system for all our trailers fitted with internal showers. The system recycles the water flowing from the shower drain only, the sink water is not used as it is directed into the grey tank. The water flows into a 20 litre tank that is used to flush the macerator toilet.

As the shower water is relatively clean in terms of grey water it is ideal for this purpose. What is not used daily in the recycle tank by flushing the toilet is overflowed from the recycle tank into the grey tank if fitted. If there is no grey tank fitted the water is directed to an outside hose or bucket as per normal.

With normal useage this can save up to 100 litres of shower water in a normal 280 litre trailer load of water, depending on individual use. This saving can be seen as an increase in available water of up to 380 litres without the increase in weight penalty.

The new system weighs approx. 5kg and sits behind the axle line thus reducing drawbar weight.

Please contact our Sales team for more information

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