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Grey Water Tanks

Steve Budden, AOR’s Director has started a thread on the AOR Owners forum on the subject of “Grey Water Tanks”.

Below are a few questions raised on the thread and for all our forum members we would love your input so if you have not already, please login to the forum and help keep this healthy discussion going.

  • We would like to know what people think of our grey water tank design.
  • Is it functional enough to use easily etc?
  • How many grey tank areas do you come across in your travels?
  • In grey tank areas is it allowable to catch grey water in jerry cans?
  • What do people with Quantum’s do in these areas?
  • Are national parks moving to more grey tank areas?
  • If you were building a new trailer would you chose a grey tank again?
  • Are you using your grey tank as insurance for the day when more areas go to grey tank requirements

Any other comments? AOR continually strives to learn more about what our customers want and its discussions like this that help our decisions making processes.

AOR Forum members – if you wish to join the discussion, please log in.

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