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A hybrid camper with a unique approach to design – RV Daily’s Gary Tischer reviews the Sierra

AOR’s Sierra will take you almost anywhere, but it’s how it does it that’s exciting

Australian Off Road (AOR) campers are recognised across this wide brown land as high-quality hybrids with caravan-like inclusions. What you may not know is that AOR originated as a soft-floor camper manufacturer on the Sunshine Coast back in 2000. Today there are nine different hybrid camper models with the introduction of its new Sierra.

The Sierra is the smallest of all the campers and takes AOR back to its roots as a go-anywhere camper for the couple or young family wanting to get into adventure touring/camping at a price they could afford. The stand-out feature of the Sierra is that you can get one in its base form and can add features over time as DIY or with AOR’s help and expertise. You can even bring some of your existing equipment and bolt it on.

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