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AOR Ambassadors – Peter & Linda Kinnane

Brisbane, Queensland

What model do you own?

Quantum Plus Series IV, 2017 plated

What is it that you love about AOR?

AOR is a privately owned company that is fuelled by a passion for adventure for the off road enthusiast and delivers style & functionality with consistent innovation. AOR has a very distinctive DNA which has come from Steve the founder and owner. Visiting the factory and seeing the production line in progress was most impressive and reassuring that they have control of the end product. The clever design and attention to detail sets AOR apart from its competitors.

Having said that, it’s not all about the end product. It’s about the people who run AOR that  also sets it apart from its competitors. On a personal note Linda and I had a tragic accident in June last year which saw our 4 month old Q+ go up in flames as a result of our (previous) car catching on fire. One of our first calls was to AOR who were devastated to hear of our accident but were so compassionate and asked how best they could help.  I think they were expecting us to say we’d take the insurance money and run but we wanted to get back on the road as soon as possible. Due to the awesome efforts of the AOR staff who moved heaven and earth to have our new Q+ ready for us by mid October, we are back on the road and loving it as much if not more than we did before.

What makes you want to be an AOR Ambassador?

To be honest I’ve never really thought about what an AOR Ambassador does or what his/her duties are. If it’s a person/couple that loves their AOR camper trailer, exploring our wonderful country, talking to fellow AOR travellers on the road and sharing experiences then yes I suppose Linda and I are ambassadors. Before buying our Q+ we were never avid campers, sure we did our share of travelling around Australia but not off the grid like we do now. The Q+ has given us a new lifestyle, which we absolutely love and will continue to do for many years.

What’s your No1 travel bugbear?

I hate any foreign noise in the car! Yes, I am a little bit OCD when it comes to packing and I can’t stand having anything rattling in the car. If you hate bottles rattling then here’s a good tip! Go to Pack & Send and buy their 6 or 12 bottle wine box with polystyrene holders, works a treat.  The only other bugbear we would have (if that’s what you call it) is heading back home. As an old bloke we met on the road once said to me, ‘the best part about going home is starting to plan your next trip’. How true it is.

You’ve probably been off the grid many times what is the most remote location you have visited?

Probably Pennefather beach, north of Weipa and south of Mapoon. It’s a stunning location, not easy to get to because of the soft sand (and yes we did get bogged) but well worth it. Finding that exclusive campsite in the middle on nowhere is pretty special when the only lights you can see are the stars above or the flickering of your campfire. 

Where did you go on your last trip?

We went to the Cape for 7 weeks with two other Quantums. We left in May and hit the Cape just before school holidays, which was a good call. We travelled inland to Cooktown and then into Lakefield National Park, which we simply loved. We took the rigs along the Telegraph track for a short distance through Scrubby Creek which was pretty challenging with a fairly high water level and steep muddy banks, then on to Twin & Elliot Falls. From there we headed north to the Tip and came back via Weipa, Lawn Hill National Park, Gregory River, Winton and Longreach.

Which destination was a surprise to you ?

There were two – Pennefather Beach was a place we had never heard of and from now on will be on our bucket list should we head back to that wonderful part of the world. And the other was Gregory River. Not the areas around the bridge where everyone else goes, but a secluded little off the grid spot right on the river that we heard about from a couple we met who were travelling around Australia. We took their advice and found this amazing place on the river and had it all to ourselves for 4 wonderful days.

When you arrive at your destination what’s the first thing you do?

We make sure it’s a safe haven and work out the best positioning for wind, sunrise and sunsets. After the set up we get the fire going and the beer, wine and cheese platter at the ready.

What is your favourite dish you like to cook when traveling?

Well this is a tough one when we love cooking. I suppose the old favourite camp oven roast is always a winner if we have time and if not, a BBQ.

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