Living the dream, a full time travelling family in our 18ft camper

There is something special about being together with your family, spending everyday exploring and travelling this amazing country of ours. Then on top of that there is the hunt for adventure along the paths less travelled which are often paved by the dirt and dust.

The biggest question we get asked about out new lifestyle is how on earth we manage to keep everyone sane living full time on the road as a family of 5 in such a confined space…..

We had a unique plan when we sold up and left all we knew back home to set off for new horizons. We envisioned we would convert our Q+ camper to sleep 5, this would then allow us to not only explore nearly everywhere but have the smallest footprint we could….. Although this doesn’t leave us with a lot of wiggle room once the beds are set up, that’s not what travelling is about for us. We set off with the key intention to bond as a family – finally having Daddy home for good and not working long hours away from us anymore. Being ‘as together as we could’….. and what better way to do this than living together in an 18ft van at arms reach!

To many parents, sleeping in the same room as your children, in such close proximity is possibly the most nauseating thought ever. We didn’t really think too much into it before we left because we just wanted to be together. The lack of rooms and divided spaces would definitely put many off but after each caravan tour we take, we come home and think we wouldn’t have it any other way. We travel for the great hidden location, accepting that often sacrifices for space, simplicity and ease must be made. While the top bunk folds up, the bubs 3/4 couch bed sheets gets put away and the 3rd bed is converted into a dinette, we have all the indoor room we need in cold or wet weather….. but the biggest key to our successful happiness is something so much more simpler.

Our trick – we embrace the outdoors.

We first invested in our AOR Quantum Plus Super camper because we wanted all the outdoor living opportunities we could.

We as a family spend more time in the outdoors than we ever did before we sold up and set off. Taking advantage of the outdoor kitchen to cook each meal, we sit around the table soaking in all the incredible ever changing landscapes of the outback. We really could not ask for a better backyard! Out here we enjoy soaking up the sun rays, the kids do their school work, we play frisbee as a family and we make some of the most amazing memories. In short people think having a small camper to live in full time would be a detriment to lapping Oz in style- we only see the comforts of being together.

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