AOR Open Day

The team at AOR would like to thank everyone for coming along to our Open Day on Saturday.

AOR Managing Director Steve Budden and General Manager Russell Evans welcomed the morning with a company update and AOR were lucky enough to engage technical expert Allan Sharpley to provide information on vehicle and trailer weight requirements. Thank you to ARB, REDARC, Eva Kool and Cooper Tires for supporting the day.

Factory tours provided insight into AOR’s manufacturing process, allowing attendees to see each stage of the build. Customers also had the opportunity to test drive towing the Matrix and Quantum Plus, a great opportunity to experience first-hand.

We raised over $500 for the Drought Angels, through the prize wheel and sausage sizzle. Thank you to everyone that donated.

A huge thank you to AOR Ambassadors Al & Christine Stevenson, Peter & Linda Kinnane and new AOR Service Centre NSW managers Joanne & Des Hayes for helping out on the day. AOR Service, Trax RV and the AOR sales team were also on hand to answer questions and provide information.

It was great to have the support of so many AOR Family members on the day and welcome lots of new faces to the factory.


Max and Prue Borrows
2016 MPT

“Hi Everyone,
I would like to thank the whole team at AOR for putting in the effort to produce such an informative “Open Day” at Caloundra Headquarters last Saturday.

There is no doubt that the day was a huge success and the information transfer regarding the excellent way AOR build their trailers was up front and personal no matter where one ventured.

A special thank you to the Staff who made themselves available to answer the many searching questions from inquisitive owners and prospective customers, I thought was a commendable effort.

Especially amongst others, Graeme “the greyman’s” straight talk……. Julian “the walking electrical textbook”…. Luke and Daryl “the salesmen extraordinaire” coupled with the availability of the office staff all working to capacity made me feel welcome and valued. And I don’t know of any other company you can have a casual chat with the managing director and talk about trailer development, likes and dislikes and ideas for the future, which very quickly leads to car restoration in absolute comfort…

As far as the trailers were concerned I was particularly impressed with the ability to explore the build area and view the most impressive way that the trailers are constructed.

The word precise comes to mind when viewing that Aurora Chassis, but even more impressive was the accuracy of fitment of the walls and cabinets being glued into place in the trailers at the various stages of build.

Some of the innovations in design like the twin beds in Des’s MPT, and the new door on the Eclipse, and the Whatnot box on the A frame of the Q all are best seen in person to have a greater impact on their practicability and function.

The presentations and availability of the ARB and Redarc boys was informative and beneficial especially if you had to ask a few questions at their display stands during the day.

The sausage sizzle was a nice touch, just the thing needed as the day progressed!

Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but as far as a customer relations exercise and a genuine attempt to show us all what a great product we all own, this open day certainly did that for me.

Hopefully some new sales will come from it, but there is no doubt that we can have confidence in pounding (carefully) down the GRR or ABH or GJR (or the like) towing our AOR trailers without drama if we choose to do so……and that’s what it’s all about hey!

Cheers to All,
Max and Prue”

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