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Tracking with AOR

We made our first Quantum in 2008, and it was a new design for the industry. The width of the trailer was 2000mm and we tested it on our first trip to Cape York. It was on this trip I learned the importance of the trailer tracking width being the same as the car. Upon our return we built our second Prototype at 1950mm wide and returned to central Australia and the Victorian High Country for more testing. This was the perfect width as it tracked beautifully in line with the car wheels. Wherever I put my car wheels I was confident the van would follow in the same tracks. It became apparent very quickly how important this detail was to the functionality of the Quantum as a genuine Off Road trailer.

Having the car and trailer wheels following in the same tracks gives great confidence in many situations. On sandy tracks the van is following in the same wheel tracks so you are not pulling the van through the soft sand on either side of the wheel ruts, thus increasing your risk of getting bogged.

On the sharp shouldered blacktop of outback roads you can be confident you will not puncture the trailer tyres while moving over for oncoming vehicles.

In true Off Road driving on the tight bush tracks we all love to visit, your wheel placement is critical to getting there without punctures.

We use this same width today on all our models from the Odyssey to the Matrix and it has now become the industry standard for the Hybrid Camper range.

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