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Outback travel with a caravan – do you carry and conserve enough water?

By Trekking Downunder

One of the biggest challenges facing any remote or outback traveller is ensuring they have an adequate source of fresh drinking water available. As a rule, you should carry a minimum between 5-7L of water per person per day when travelling through remote or outback areas. Along with having adequate drinking water you will need to keep in mind the other uses for water you will have whilst travelling. You can never carry too much water, because you can’t survive without it.

One of the big advantages of our Australian Off Road Matrix is having a water carrying capacity of 220L from standard which we increased to 280L with an optional 60L additional water tank. We then increased this even further to 320L with the use of 2 rear water gerry cans. The ability to carry such a large volume of fresh drinking water has made our Outback and remote travel so much easier knowing that we have ample water available for our young family of five during our extended travels.

Ensuring quality water is being delivered from local water sources has been made much easier due to the vans in build twin water filtration system which includes a dirt sediment filter and chemical removal filter. We also personally use the B.E.S.T Water Filter coupled with our food grade hoses when refilling our water tanks which ensures we are receiving the highest quality water possible.

When we purchased our Australian Off Road Matrix PT we were advised of a new water saving option that had been designed to complement the existing blackwater toilet setup.

This water saving design is a recycled water system for use with the macerator toilet and blackwater tank. The system captures the water from the shower and then stores it in a 20L holding tank secured underneath the van. Once the 20L tank is filled, any excess water is discharged.

When the toilet is flushed the water is drawn from the 20L holding tank and is used to flush the toilet rather than taking it from the rear water tank.

These additions to the standard Matrix have been instrumental to allow us to travel longer between refills. As a family of 5 who primarily do long Outback travel stints, water conservation is something we have become very familiar with. Our main water usage is for drinking, cooking, showering, clothes washing, washing dishes and water for flushing the toilet which now has been replaced by using what would have been redundant shower water.

Another great option we had added during the build process was the installation of a hot water tempering valve. This has enabled us to adjust the hot water temperature to a more comfortable level where little to no cold water is required to be added. This has almost halved our water usage from wasted water lost when adjusting water temperatures.

With ample water storage, proven off road capability along with great innovation and design of our AOR, we find remote Outback travel to be far less daunting and giving us more opportunity to explore the paths less travelled.

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