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Trekking Downunder – AOR Quantum Plus Review

Read Trekking Downunder’s review of the Quantum Plus:
“When we began the search for our van in April 2016, we knew we would be quite limited in choices for a full off-roader with sleeping arrangement’s for 5 that could be towed just about anywhere. We knew we would be completing a trip around OZ, wanting to go off the beaten track as much as possible and wanted to make sure wherever the car could go, the van could too. After scouring magazines, forums, websites and facebook pages we always came back to the AOR as the van for us. The build quality and reputation we found with the AOR Quantum Plus was nothing short of exceptional. The most important thing we were looking for was a company with a solid reputation in after-sales service. AOR in Caloundra QLD, with particular mention to Steve – the Managing Director, are extremely proactive in dealing with any kind of arising issue (as infrequent as they are) or improvements which could be made to their designs. This is achieved by the regular communication between the company and all current AOR owners via a private forum.
The off-road capability is probably the most important feature that the QPlus has and what sold it for us.
We were specifically after a van with an external kitchen, as with young boys we wanted to make sure we were outside enjoying what nature has to offer as often as possible, rather than easily and often subconsciously retreating inside the van like one might at home. Water capacity was another factor for us as a family of 5, and we are more than covered with 220L of on board water and an additional 40L in jerry cans on the rear of the caravan.
We have a seperate 60L grey water holding tank installed to capture all of the shower and sink waste.
QPlus standard specifications
  • Twin Jerry can holders on the front nose cone
  • Stone mesh front guard
  • D035 off-road hitch
  • Twin 4.5kg gas cylinders
  • 300W solar system
  • 280L on-board water
  • External Shower
  • Internal Shower
  • Queen size bed
  • Marine macerating toilet with 110L black tank
  • 14L Hot water supply
  • 82L Evakol external fridge
  • Diesel heater
  • Tare weight of 1850kg
Additional extra’s & mods we made to accommodate to our family of 5
  • Additional Sirocco fans x 2
  • Rear view camera
  • Additional Twin jerry can on the rear of the van
  • Firewood/Bike rack
  • Bunk beds
  • Upgraded to 2000W Inverter
  • Upgraded to 300A/Hr Lithium batteries
  • Installation of Ceramic Pro paint protection coating
  • 60L grey water tank
  • External shower sail track and shower tent
  • Leather seat coverings
  • Custom made bunk rail, which has enabled us to use the 3/4 seat as a another bed for our 14 x month old.
  • AOR reinforced the frame above the queen bed to support and additional bunk bed in the future as our little man grows up.
We optioned for the removable bunk beds for the boys, which fold down against the window during the day to travel so as to not to take up any unnecessary space but can be raised and supported during the day for easy access to the dinette seating area or removed if we want to leave the kids at home. We also optioned for the 300A/Hr lithium battery system upgrade with a 2000W pure sine wave inverter to run all the family necessatities, a Bike/fire wood rack up front and we interestingly decided against air conditioning and went for the sirocco fans instead.
Why did we do this? The biggest contributors were weight and space. The need for a generator to run the AC whilst off grid would require carrying a generator and petrol on top of the diesel (for the car and heater) as well as the weight and space of the actual AC unit. If we change our mind later on as we travel, AOR have the entire system ready to be mounted straight into one of our storage compartments.
Some of the features of the van that we love most are the usable layout, simplistic design and high quality finish of the exterior and interior items. The marine macerator toilet with 110L holding tank has truly proven to be an asset, with its easy to use and clean functions and as a huge bonus- the simplicity and ease of how to empty and flush the lines and tank. Lastly the gas hot water system used for showering (both the internal and external showers) and washing up dishes in the external kitchen is a great feature worth noting as this makes life on the road so much easier.
We picked up our new van September 18th 2017. We had been waiting for this day for over 12 x months. As we drove into AOR’s driveway for the first time we were blown away with the level of professionalism each and every person onsite had. We entered the showroom and there ready and waiting was our brand new AOR Q+ (Ruby Q). We were speechless, the build quality and presentation of the van surpassed all of our expectations. Beginning Day 1 with the sales staff (Luke), through the entire build process and right up to delivery day/ handover (with Daryl) were exceptional.
If your in the market for an Australian made Off Road caravan then the AOR models need to be on your short list, and it really would only need to be a very short list after that!”

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